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Rajahasthan Royals (IPL Team)

Most of the people call it as RR or Rajahasthan Royals as one of the best cricket team in the IPL. IPL is Indian Premier League that holds the cricket competition in India. Rajahasthan Royals becomes one of the favorite teams in this league. This cricket team was founded in 2008 and owned by Jaipur IPL Cricket Private LTD. For those who want to know the match schedule of cricket, Cricbuzz is the only source. If you want to get an update from your favorite team, Cricbuzz provides some information about the match.

Why does it call as Rajahasthan Royals? Maybe, it is because this cricket team is based in Rajahasthan This cricket team also has their own home ground. It is Sawai Mansingh Stadium as its home ground which has a capacity of 23.185. Meanwhile, there is another second home ground in Ahmedabad, Sardar Patel Stadium which has a bigger capacity of 54.000. In 2008, Rajahasthan Royals became a champion in Indian Premier League.

Rajahasthan Royals

RR has team history and they have followed IPL since 2008. This cricket team also has some players that are taken from outside India. 2008 was their year of winning where they had 11 wins and 3 loses. Rajahasthan Royals also had a good reputation in 2012 with 12 wins. Their worse year was in 2010 where they only got 6 wins and 8 loses, However, this year is not their time to be a champion because it is suspended. Maybe, they still plan a new strategy to win the next IPL again.

For the people of Rajahasthan, RR is their pride and they will support this cricket team in IPL. This makes the team feel encouraged and they want to improve their performance to show that they can win in any matches. Even though they cannot show their good performance in 2017, but their fans always waiting for this team to join the league again. It seems that Rajahasthan Royals will return to the next year’s IPL in 2018.

RR in IPL 2018

All of the fans really wait for this moment to come because they want to witness their favorite team to play in the match and then win the game. Is it possible to win the match? Of course, it seems that you must not doubt it because Rajahasthan Royals is a professional cricket team that has followed some competitions. Today, the team is still preparing for the next league and all of the players have to be ready to face other cricket teams that also have a good reputation. Certainly, this is not easy for them to beat the fantastic cricket teams in India.

There is still a long time to prepare the team. Since the IPL will be held in 2018, so they still have about more than six months to be ready to join the match. For the details, you can actually get a news update from Cricbuzz. You can find some information and the match schedule for your favorite team so that you will not miss it.