ICC Champions trophy

ICC Champions trophy is back

Teammates played as rivals..Opposition are made in to team mates. IPL, which removes boundaries between nations has concluded. Now players are back into their national squad to represent their countries in mini world cup. Stage is all poised for this intl event. Motherland of cricket, England will host this prestigious event. ICC Champions trophy just 7 days away. Many alterations are made since the advent of the tournament. This event is going to be held after a hiatus of 4 years.

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Emergence of ICC champions trophy


Now a days we have t20 world cup along with world cup. Besides that we have many t20 leagues including IPL. Only bilateral series are regular in nineties. Back then only intl event was world cup.ICC introduced a knock out tournament in 1998 . This knock out tournament was held in Dhaka. Only permanent members played that tournament. Tournament happened in same format in 2000 also. It emerged as ICC champions trophy in 2002. Along with preeminent members, Associate nations were also given a chance to take part in the tournament. 12 teams were segregated in to 4 groups. Then semis and finals happened in conventional way. 2004 edition was also happened on same parameters. In the following edition, happened in 2006, top six teams straight away sneaked in to the fray. Teams ranked from 6-10 have to fight for the remaining 2 spots.

After 2006 , Championship missed the track. Tournament which used to happen in every two years, was held only twice since 2006.Future of this trophy is also uncertain. But there is a tremendous expectation for the trophy which is going to commence from June 1.

India in ICC Champions trophy

Team India is having a tremendous record in Champions trophy. India along with Australia is the team to clinch the title twice. India are defending champions for the title.

Edition Venue Winner
1998 Dhaka South Africa
2000 Kenya New Zealand
2002 Srilanka India,Srilanka
2004 England West Indies
2006 India Australia
2009 South Africa Australia
2013 England India



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