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Get the Cricket Information and Scores with the Best Apps

So are you a cricketfan? For real fans, it’s important to get current information about this sport punctually. It will be bad if you miss the scores for important matches. No worries, there are some best apps that offer live cricket scores and information for the users. Which one is the best? You can’t decide. Each of them is unique and has distinct features. Check them out!


Are you looking for a free app for your Android phone? Starsports should be your choice. It’s both free and useful. Once you install the app, you are able to get score updates for cricket matches. You can even watch your favorite match events. There are short video clips available. Do you want to watch the match thoroughly? No worries. The app allows you to do it. There’s a delay, though. Make sure that you have a good internet connection. It should be 3G or more.

ESPN cricinfo

Today, more people are into this app. It helps you get updated with news, records, scores, rankings, and other related information about cricket. There are high-quality content, video, and audio. If you are a cricket fanatic, you should install the app on your phone. It offers numerous features for users. There’s even the live game switcher. Are you interested?


Android phones are considered the best mobile devices. Still, it won’t be satisfying if you don’t install cricbuzz. It’s one of the most astonishing cricket apps for Android. You can easily get it from Google Play. What can it do? It provides uptime cricket updates and scores. One thing, there’s the text commentary for each ball. It also allows you to change the language so you can understand the text better. Not to mention the app notifies you for match updates. Just explore the apps so you can enjoy more features on it.

Live Cricket TV

For those who look for a simple and free Android app for cricket scores, Live Cricket TV is the most recommended choice. It allows users to watch live sports for free. That means it covers not only cricket but also other sports. As a matter of fact, there are lots of channels available. Before installing this app, you must make sure that you have the newest version of Android operating system.

Yahoo Cricket App

It has a big name. Who doesn’t know Yahoo? Now you can use their cricket app for free. Once you install this app, you can get information and updates about your favorite cricket teams and matches. You can install the app either on your tablet or phone. There’s an interactive feature, so you can follow the information and cricket scores clearly.

What do you choose? Which one of these cricket scores apps is good for you? Well, each person has unique preferences. For many, Cricbuzz seems perfect for them. However, the others don’t really like this app. You can visit each of the sites in order to compare them. If necessary, you can ask references from the experts or other users.